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Wedge clamps

Wedge clamps

The ideal aid for deploying tactical fiber-optic field cables, easy and quick fixation of the cable on the ground or for spanning over obstacles, like rivers, streets etc.


*This tool is used as a deployment-aid to fix the cable at permanent constructions such as buildings, at a mast, at the ground, at trees or any other suitable objects.

*In following situations the wedge clamps are the perfect aid:

*To hold the cable at the ground.

*To lead a change of direction

*To make a span e.g. from building to building, from mast to mast or from tree to tree.


*Plastic body containing two wedges to hold the cable.

*Stainless steel springs

*For different cable types and diameters, wedge clamps are available with different clamping jaws

*The clamping jaws are in different colors for different cable types and diameter

*The design is easy to use and robust for harsh environment

Environmental Performance

Operating temperature: ‑40°...+70°C MIL-STD‑810F‑501.II

Storage temperature: ‑60°...+85°C MIL-STD‑810F‑502.I

Free Fall at - 60°C: 26 falls from 1.2 m height MIL-STD‑810F‑516.5-IV

Weathering: 1000 h, 0.5 W/m² @ 340 nm ISO 4892‑2A

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