Solifos AG

Solifos AG

Klosterzelgstrasse 41, CH-5210 Windisch




*Compact design, low weight, high flexibility, small bending radius

*RoHS compliant

*Central stainless steel loose tube with 4 fibers, single- or multimode and two stranded coaxial copper wires

*Outer sheath, robust, halogen free

*High crush resistance

*High tensile strength

*Excellent rodent proof

*To brace with wedge clamps


*Indoors and/or outdoors

*Rapid deployment in harsh environment

*Tactical military or civil applications: tempo- rary robust communication lines with power supplying to remote communication equip- ment

*Combination of power transmission and fiber- optic communication over long distances


*When installing this cable, the appropriate installation and application guidelines should be respected and abided by. These guidelines and further questions can be obtained at the Brugg Cables Engineering Department.

Accessories and Services (on request)

Pre-assembled cables with:

*Adapting cables to standard connectors

*Pre-assembling with special hybrid military lens connectors, delivered on various reels for easy deployment

Deployment aids

*Hand-reels, backpack- or vehicle reels

*Wedge clamps, masts etc. Repair kits/Training

*Training for deployment, repair and cable testing Engineering

*Solution engineering and system design


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