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Solifos AG

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Brutough Mini

Brutough Mini

Non-metallic tactical field cable with tight buffered fibers for the harsh environment


•Tactical field applications: temporary flexible robust communication lines and mobile applications

•Rapid deployment in harsh surroundings

•Indoor and outdoor

•Inside vehicles or shelters


•For direct connector assembling

•Easy to assemble

•Non-metallic cable

•Optimized for repeated cable winding

•High mechanical resistance

•Compact design, high flexibility

•Robust outer sheath

•Halogen free cable sheath

•Individual cable marking for easy identification and traceability on request


•Outer sheath PUR

Aramid yarn strength members

•Helically stranded core for better flexibility and higher mechanical protection of the optical fibers

•900 µm Colour coded Elastomeric tight buffered fibres

•Fibers with Acrylate primary coating for improved micro bending

•Labeling outer sheath on request

Temperature range:

Operating temperature: -55...+85°C Storage temperature:-70...+85°C Installation temperature: ±0...+50°C


Jacket color:

•Black, similar to RAL 9005


•IEC 60794

Accessories and Services offered:

•Pre-assembling with military lens- or butt joint connectors, delivered on various reels for easy deployment

•Adapting cables e,g. from bulkhead to LC, ST or any standard connectors

•Hand reels, backpack- or vehicle reels

•Deployment aids, like wedge clamps, masts etc.

•Training for deployment and cable testing

•Solution engineering and system design


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