Solifos AG

Solifos AG

Klosterzelgstrasse 41, CH-5210 Windisch



Flexible Mini FO cable, for harsh environments, with stainless steel loose tube for maximum 8 fibers and stainless steel armoring. Approved by NATO and armed forces.


*Compact structure, low weight, high flexibility

*Central stainless steel loose tube with up to 8 fibers, single- or multimode

*Outer sheath, robust, halogen free

*High crush resistance

*High permissible tensile strength

*Longitudinally watertight

*Excellent rodent proof

*To brace with wedge clamps


*Indoors and/or outdoors

*Rapid deployment in harsh environment

*Tactical military or civil applications: tempo- rary robust communication lines and mobile applications with rodent danger

Accessories and Services (on request)

Pre-assembled cables with:

*Pre-assembling with military lens- or ferule- connectors, delivered on various reels

*Adapting cables to standard connectors Deployment aids

*Hand-reels, backpack- or vehicle reels

*Wedge clamps, masts etc. Repair kits/Training

*Training for deployment, repair and cable test- ing


*Solution engineering and system design

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