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Brupowerfield slim

Brupowerfield slim

Hybrid tactical FO/Cu field cable for harsh environment use, with strain bearing elements as armoring. With its lightweight / low-volume cable structure for data and electrical power transmission it has outstanding characteristics.


•Tactical military and field applications where flexible robust combined power and communication lines are required

•Rapid deployment in harsh environment

•Indoor and outdoor


•FO-Cu-Hybrid-Cable for power and data transmission

•Central non-metallic loose tube construction for up to 4 fibers single- mode or multi-mode

•Isolated copper wires for up to 12 different electrical potentials

•Higher crush resistance than other non-metallic field cables

•Higher tensile strength than other non-metallic field cables

•Longitudinally watertight

•Compact structure allowing larger quantities per drum

•Very low weight

•Robust sheath halogen-free


•Outer sheath constructed of either PE or PA sheath with extra abrasion resistance as requested

•Strain bearing elements for armoring and strain relief

•10 isolated copper wires 0.16mm2

•Gel filled non-metallic loose tube

•Up to 4 bend optimized fibers with primary coating

Temperature range

•Operating temperature -55 - +85

Storage temperature-60 - +85

Jacket color

•Black similar to RAL 9005

•Labeling on request, individual per reel


•IEC 60794


Power transmission;

Umax: 1000VAC/1500VDC

Amperage max.: 6A


Accessories offered

Pre-assembly with military hybrid- lens-connectors

Delivery on various reel sizes for easy deployment, as hand-reels, backpack or vehicle reels

Adapting cables lens connector to standard connectors

Deployment aids such as wedge clamps, masts, etc.

Training for deployment, repair and testing

Solution engineering and system design



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