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Deployment aids for tactical field cables

Deployment aids for tactical field cables

The ideal tools for deploying tactical fiber-optic field cables, easy and quick guidance of the cable on the ground or for spanning over obstacles, like rivers, streets etc.


These deployment aids are used to fix the cable at permanent constructions such as buildings, onto trees or other suitable objects for guiding it over masts or for on the ground, e.g. protecting the cable at a street crossing.

The following deployment aids are the perfect tools:

Cable shoes:

The heavy weight cable shoes are used as fixing tool for guiding the cable over the ground where no objects are available for fixation. It can be anchored with nails or tent pegs on the ground. On request the cable shoe is also available with strong magnets to attach it to any steel surface or object

Tree hooks

Guiding the cable over inaccessible areas and objects the right type of tree hook would bypass the obstacles. It can be setup and removed by our telescopic hook

Telescopic hook/fork

Wherever you approach inaccessible areas the telescopic hook extends your action-range for mounting and fitting deployment aids and setup of the cable into the correct position

Telescopic pole

Crossing a river, a ditch or flyover a street on up to 6m height, the telescopic pole is the solution when other objects are missing. The ground-anchor with 4 guy ropes are the correct fittings for stability and are included in the set. Together with our wedge clamps it is the perfect deployment tool

Floor ducts

Even if strong armored Brugg cables are in operation it extends its lifecycle by protecting it with floor ducts. Especially inside camps or by crossing streets with different cables our floor ducts provide multi channels for various cables and can be chained up


Cable shoes:

Heavy weight (1.2 kg) for self fixation on the ground

On request available with magnets

Tree hook:

Various designs

Telescopic pole / hook:

Material: Aluminum / color: green

Pole length: 4 elements of 1.2 m for up to 5.5 m

Pole weight: 7.8 kg

Hook length: 3 elements of 1.2 m for up to 4.5 m

Hook weight: 4.9 kg

Floor duct:

Material: PU (Polyurethan)

Length: 1 m per element / weight: 5 kg

Color: black / yellow

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