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Solifos AG

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Vehicle Reels

Vehicle Reels

The easy perfect system for deployment of medium to long cable lengths


*Cable assembly – ready for operation

*Fast cable deployment in various landscapes from vehicles

*Increased cable length compared to the hand reels or back- pack reels

*Use of full or partial cable length



*Winding frame in aluminum, colored green for mounting on a vehicle, excluding reel, including

*Accessory bag with crank for rewinding

*Deploying handle for lifting reel in- and out of winding frame or for hand deploying at for vehicle impassable ground

*Various reels of different diameter have the following features:

*All reels with extensible axle for easy storage

*Reels have separate connector compartment

*Protective sheath covering the cable and two Velcro belts protecting the cable ends with its connectors

*Reel delivered made ready to use with cable and connectors

*Number of winding frames compared to the number of reels is depending on the application


*Winding frame in aluminum, colored green

*Reels in aluminum, colored green, with rubber edges


Green similar to RAL 6031

*Preassembling with military lens- or butt joint connectors

*Adapting cables, e.g. from bulkhead to LC, ST or any standard connectors

*Hand-reels or backpack reels

*Deployment aids, like wedge clamps, masts etc.

*Training for deployment, repair and cable testing in the field

*Solution engineering and system design

*Tactical Cable Measuring Case to localize exactly the defective spot

*Tactical Cable Repair Kit for fusion splice in the workshop or the Field Repair Kit for mechanical splice technique



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