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Data and Power Distributor - BRUMIL 450

Data and Power Distributor - BRUMIL 450

The BRUMIL 450 is for data and power connection. It includes a ruggedized IP65 construction and connectors, The connection to the server is based on a tactical FO-cable (e.g. BRUmil, BRUfield, BRUtouhg…) or an FO-Cu-hybrid-cable (e.g. BRUpowermil or BRUpowerfield)


•Distribution of data and power. (Ethernet 100BaseT and 230VAC)

•Compatible to networking components, like the optical media converter and the remote power supply

• Can be adapted to COTS based LAN devices easily.

Construction: Connection bar:

•6-8 RJ-45 Ethernet connections

•2 sockets 230 VAC

•Internal 10/100/1000BaseT switch with 1000BaseFX FO-connection to the server.

•Hybrid connecting cable for data and


•Over current protection

•LED-indication for data traffic and power presence.

•Receptacle for daisy chaining of more than one BRUMIL450

Hybrid FO+Cu-Connecting Cable BRUpowermil or BRUpowerfield

•4 fiber optic channels, either single or multimode for FO-Ethernet.

•2 power conductors (1.6mm2 resp. 1.0mm2)

•Connector ruggedized, fully sealed hermaphroditic construction

Special Options (tailor made):

•PoIP for 10/100BaseT

•PoIP for 10/100/1000BaseT

•WAP-Module for wireless extension

•SIP-VoIP-manager (soft PBX on embedded PC).

•Connections for analog telephone to VoIP (e.g. 2 FXS and 2 FXO connections)

•Connections for ISDN telephone to VoIP (e.g. 2 FXS and 2 FXO connections)

Technical Data: Electrical Power:

•Voltage230 VAC


FO+Cu-Cable6A (short term 13 A)

Data at FO+Cu-Connecting Cable:

•4 Fibers9/125 single mode, 1310 or 1550 nm

•e.g. 1000BaseLX

Ethernet connections:

•6-8x RJ-45 10/100/1000BaseT

Temperature range:

•Operation:-40º...+70º C


•Storage:-60º...+85º C


Environmental Conditions:

•Immersion prot.IP65 closed

connector caps or connectors inserted.




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