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Fuel Cell - BRUMIL 310

Fuel Cell - BRUMIL 310

Fuel cells are alternative power generators and transform chemical energy directly into electrical energy, with no intermediate steps, no moving parts, and with no significant loss in energy. This makes it a particularly independent and efficient source of power. Fuel cells are integrated in especially rugged cases for off-grid and mobile applications. It can be combined with other power sources such as batteries and solar panels.


The ruggedized BRUMIL 310 Fuel Cells are used in ttrtactical missions to get independent power to supply the communication equipment and other on-board devices such as navigation and night-vision systems wherever you operate. Integrated into tactical vehicles, in communication shelters or in the tents of command posts in the field, BRUMIL 310 Fuel Cells provides without requiring any user intervention, fully automatically, and reliably the necessary power. Regardless of weather and climate conditions the fuel cell operates quietly and generates continuously power for mobile equipment. It can even be used buried underground, non-detectable.


•Reliable power source with long autonomy

•Safe operation

•Lightweight, compact design

•Quiet and Emission-Free – non-detectable

Technical Data:

•Max. Power:90W, 12V / 24V DC, other

•Temperature Range:-40°C to 50°C

•Altitude:up to 4000 m aSL

•Dimensions:depend on customer requirements and electric capacity (shown example with solar-panel:

w/d/h: 825x605x580mm)

•Weight:(shown example with solar-panel: approx. 25kg without fuel tank)

•Autonomy 10L tank:approx. 100h@90W continuous


•Lightning Protection

•Tracking device

•Remote Monitoring

•Snow Filter



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