Solifos AG

Solifos AG

Klosterzelgstrasse 41, CH-5210 Windisch



Rugged field cable with tight buffered fibers for the harsh environment of the broadcast industry


*Robust communication links for the broadcast industry

*Blue colored cables and connectors are matching perfectly in color keying technique

*Indoor and outdoor

*Mobile applications

*Harsh environment

*Inside vehicles or buildings


*For direct assembly of harsh environment and standard connectors

*High tensile strength

*Optimized for repeated cable bending

*Blue sheath for easier recognition

*Cable marking for easy identification and traceability

*Abrasion resistant robust outer sheath

*Halogen free outer sheath


*Outer sheath PUR

*Aramid strain relief

*Helically stranded core for better flexibility and higher mechanical protection of the optical fibers

*Dual layer reinforced tight buffered fibers

*Optical fibers with dual layer primary coating for improved micro bending

*Labeling outer sheath on request

Temperature range

Operating temperature: 40° ... +85°C Storage temperature: 50° ... +85°C Installation temperature: 5° ... +50°C

Jacket colour

Blue similar to RAL 5005


IEC 6079412 optical fibres testing IEC 60793

Accessories and Services offered

*Pre-assembling with military lens- or butt joint connectors, delivered on various reels for easy deployment

*Butt joint connectors also in blue color

*Adapting cables to standard connectors

*Hand reels, backpack- or vehicle reels

*Installation aids, like wedge clamps, masts etc.

*Training for deployment and cable testing



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