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EMP Protector RJ45-1000 Mbit/s including PoE+ - BRUMIL 230

EMP Protector RJ45-1000 Mbit/s including PoE+ - BRUMIL 230

The efficient devices to protect equipment against the effects of EMP (Electromagnetic Pulses)

•Combined Lightning and HEMP and IEMI-Protection for all four wire pairs of an Ethernet cable, works also with PoE+ (up to 60 Watts)

•Protects Ethernet connection for 10 /100/1000 Mbit/s

•Combination of non-linear high surge current components and linear filter components provide low protection levels.

•Metallic case for installation directly into shielding wall (Single Point Entry) as feed-through filter

•RJ45 jackets on both ends make installation easy

•Designed to protect against short-time and inter- mediate-time threats as defined in MIL-STD-188-125

•High quality components make this a very reliable and long-life product


•The BRUMIL 230 Surge Protection Device is a combined surge protection device which protects reliably against various transient overvoltages (such as lightning and HEMP) and simultaneously filters high frequency disturbances.

•Transient overvoltages in wiring can be generated by various disturbances: switching transients, lightning surges, electrostatic discharge (ESD) or HEMP (High- altitude Electromagnetic Pulse). HEMP is created by a nuclear explosion outside of the atmosphere. Often the general term EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is used, or NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse), or LEMP (for Lightning EMP). HPEM (high power electromagnetic) considers all kinds of high power transients, including IEMI-disturbances (Intentional Electro Magnetic Interference).

•The BRUMIL 230 Surge Protection Device consists of several well-coordinated protection stages, which reliably and effectively protect sensitive electronics against all kinds of HPEM disturbances.

•The BRUMIL 230 EMP Protector RJ45-1000 is threat- level tested against EMP according to MIL-STD-188-125, short pulse and intermediate pulse


•The BRUMIL 230 is designed to safely protect Ethernet equipment and cabling with data rates of 10/100/1000 Mbit/s and superimposed PoE+ power supply (Power over Ethernet plus) according to IEEE 802.3at against transient over voltages caused by lightning, HEMP or IEMI. A special protection design results in very low residual voltages, which are low enough to protect any commercial of the shelf equipment from damage.

•HEMP-Filters are high-frequency components and shall be installed accordingly for best performance. An installation as feed-through filter directly into a shielding wall results in best protection performance. Over voltages and interference currents will flow to the shielding wall and electronic equipment in the shielded room is well protected.

•Please make sure, that all wires entering a protected volume have to be protected accordingly. This will reliably protect even commercial of the shelf (COTS) electronics of critical infrastructure.


•Total length: 118mm (without patch cable)

•Diameter: M32x1.5mm thread

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