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Olav Karstein
NODIN Aviation AS

Mr. Olav Kaarstein was the founder of the company NODIN Aviation AS, established in 1998. The decision to establish the company came as a result of inquiries from the Royal Norwegian Air Force for assistance in the development of products for improving the efficiency of their patient. Kaarstein has been…

Concurrent Technologies Plc

Concurrent Technologies key goal is to make it easier for our customers to construct solutions using our range of board level products. Historically with bus-based backplanes, it was relatively easy for customers to use a bottom-up type of strategy and to add functionality by sourcing off-the-shelf boards or sometimes by…

Mr. Louis Huijzen
TSS International BV

TSS International is a family business. We try to complement our current portfolio constantly, resulting in our current product range which also includes heavy duty wheels and brake systems, fuel tanks and vehicle intercoms.

Ministry of Defence UK

"Logistics, looking back even only ten years ago, much was operated very organically with pencil and paper where people signed out materials, resources and managed inventory, manually. Now logistics is being operated by multi-billion pound logistics IT systems which has created a skills gap,” informs Mark Taylor, Former Global Supply…

Ray Cutting

--International Medical Partnership Making a Difference-- High quality military medical facilities are an important element in the covenant that soldiers, sailors and airmen expect between themselves and their governments. Providing the facilities for this care requires good systems engineering and domain expertise. We spoke to Ray Cutting, Managing Director of…

Interview with Dr. David Norton, Palladium Group

How relevant is the Balanced Scorecard in the Military and Police Sectors? Strategy execution thought leader Dr David Norton explains why more and more Government organizations are using tools such as the Balanced Scorecard and Execution Premium Process™ (XPP™) to effectively manage complexity in the 21st century.

Cobham Antennas Systems

Antennas for use in the Defence market have to be manufactured to an extremely high specification. Failures in performance or quality of the antenna can quite literally result in loss of life. Cobham’s antennas have a global reputation for quality and performance. We offer accurate and measured antenna data to…

Mr. Martin Rutschi
Brugg Cables

To remain future proof, we constantly improve of our existing unique products and we enlarge the variety and functionality of the accessories for deployment and maintenance. We improve the offerings for customer training and of course we further create innovative products / solutions like the FO-Cu-hybrid-systems, where we also partner…

Mr. Tor Arne Memtzoni

Budgets are reduced, quantities in new communication shelters are reduced and there are more focus on life cycle cost and quality and flexibility. Small quantity, tailor-made shelters and flexibility is TAM’s specialty

Dr. Schmidt Andreas
Hohenstein Institute

Founded in 1946 and run to this day as a family business, the Hohenstein Institute, with a total of about 500 employees at the site in Bönnigheim and in over 40 contact offices globally, is among the most important independent research and testing institutions in the textile sector. Our core…