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BRUMIL 860 – Emergency Field Repair Kit

BRUMIL 860 – Emergency Field Repair Kit

The emergency kit for quick repairs of broken tactical fiber optical cables in the field. Usable for single or multimode fiber cables with up to four fibers


•In the case where fiber optic cables are broken, the Emergency Field Repair Kit allows the quick repair of fibers with mechanical splice technique.

•Results in low additional losses.

•Fast and reliable cable repair within 20 to 30 minutes (1 to 4 fibers)

•Original cable tensile load applicable after repair

•For further rewinding and usage on a reel the cable should be repaired with the fusion splice case in the workshop after current operation


•The field repair kit is a hard cover case, dust and water resistant containing all necessary tools for mechanical splicing of singlemode or multimode fiber cables, either for armored metal cable BRUmil or for the dielectric cables BRUfield or BRUtough


•For up to 4 splices single or multimode

•Insertion loss9/125 fiber at 1310 or

1550 nm, 50/125 fiber at 850 or 1300 nm, typical 0.5 dB

Protection tube:

•Dimensions 50 mm, L 22.5 cm

•Weight0.55 kg

•Water protectionIP 67 (24 h @ 5000 mm)

Temperature range:

•Operation-55º...+85º C


Environmental Conditions:

•Hard cover caseclass IP64


•Size470 x 357 x 178 mm

•Weightapprox. 6.5 kg

Optional Accessories and Service offered:

•Spare Parts Set of consumable items

•Tactical Cable Measuring Case to localize exactly the defective spot

•Tactical Cable Repair Kit for fusion splice in the workshop

•Training for deployment, repair and cable testing in the field

•Solution engineering and system design


Consumable items

•2 protection tubes complete

•Mechanical splices

•Cleaning towels

•MINIGRIP size 4

•Replacement blades

•1 mm protection tube

•0.5 mm protection tube

•Klüber Staburags compound

•Repair manual


•Splice cassette

•Installation tool

•Allen key 3 mm

•Water resistant stylus

•Side cutting pliers

•Stripping tool


•Universal pliers 160 mm

•Stainless steel tube cutter

•Cleaving tool S-315

•Ruler 300 mm


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