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C-Vision Encrypt

C-Vision Encrypt

The C-Vision - Encrypt is a superbly engineered, dual function video and communications system suited to both inshore and offshore diving operations. The system allows both video and voice communications to be monitored and recorded in one rugged, easy to operate unit. In comparison to the standard C-Vision system, the Encrypt model offers 4 wire (round robin) mode communications, as well as boasting robust Mil. Spec umbilical connectors, direct interface connections and high level file encryption software for the protection of sensitive data.

This product is NATO approved and is identified with NATO Stock Number (NSN) 5895–99–844-9420.

Surface Control Unit

The C-Vision system is a portable surface control unit, which incorporates video and variable light controls for 2 divers and communication for 3 divers and a tender, all operated through an IP65 rated control panel and built into a rugged Storm case.

The C-Vision is equipped with a 15.6” daytime viewing screen which offers excellent images of underwater operations. Advanced controls include customizable video overlay, data outputs (LAN, AUX, USB & HDMI OUT for external viewing) and volume controls.

The C-Vision provides 4th generation processing power and utilises the latest technology. C-Tecnics are committed to keeping the lifecycle of the system to an absolute maximum. The components are carefully selected to minimise heat build-up, which allows the C-Vision SCU to operate in a range of temperatures and humid climates.


C-Tecnics Dive Station software is a unique software package designed with diving operations and video compression in mind. The software is run in conjunction with Microsoft Windows 10 and is capable of full or split screen viewing.

Text overlay is customizable to user needs and can include diver name, location, timer and on-screen logo.

GPS, digital depth reading and depth profiling are available as optional add-ons. File compression is adjustable which allows between 300 hours to 1000 hours of video and communication recording on to the internal 500GB Solid State hard drive.


High level encryption software has been developed by C-Tecnics for use in the C-Vision Encrypt system. It incorporates software designed to meet AES-256 standard (256 bit encryption), which can be used to protect highly sensitive video and communications data. Submarine surveys, hull inspections, EOD identification and mission-sensitive information can all be recorded and stored in such secure form.

Communication System

The C-Vision Encrypt operates a 4 wire communications system for up to 3 divers, allowing individual diver select and full round robin communications between the tender and divers. The C-Vision has an integrated backup battery, so that in the event of mains power failure the communications system will continue to receive emergency power for up to 30 hours.

Video System Cable

The C-Vision SCU and cable remove the complication of clustered wiring associated with recording diving operations. The C-Vision cable incorporates all functions including video, communications, depth recording, lamp power and control.

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  • Hardware-based 256-bit AES-XTS encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated
  • Software-free setup and operation
  • IP56 certified
  • Interior protected by hardened epoxy coating
  • Bus powered from standard USB port
  • Integrated USB 3.0 cable

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