Thermal Beacon Ltd.

Col. Avi Peer (Police, Ret.)
About: Col. Avi Peer (Police, Ret.) - Former CEO

Col. Avi Peer has done his BA, History from Tel Aviv University. He then started his career as a Sales Manager with Tadiran Electronic Systems. After almost 11 years of activity as the CEO of Thermal Beacon Ltd, Mr. Avi has decided to step aside and let new forces to take over the leading of Thermal Beacon Ltd.

1. Defence Industry is known to be a very vast sector and with regards to high security, importance etc. compared to other industries. What’s do you think about this perspective?

Defence Industries these days are in high risk due to the shrinking of the defense markets around the world.

2. Can you please outline the basic structure of THERMAL BEACON, and about its expertise for high-end innovative thermal IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) emitters and high power visible and infrared laser illuminators and pointers.

Thermal Beacon (TB) is a private company. We deal with all aspects of a product, from the technical requirements documents, through the design of the product (mechanical, electronical, optical, etc.) and the manufacturing of it. At the same time we are also conducting the marketing of our products, internationally and locally as well.

3. What excites you most about Defence Sector and what were the most important achievements for THERMAL BEACON in Defence Sector?

The Defence sector is a high demanding sector, where the challenge is the highest and that what excites us the most. We are in the saving of life business, which is not sio common in this sector. Our sole purpose in life is to prevent those “Blue on Blue” incidents, where life of soldiers may be on risk. Those armies equipped with our beacons can appreciate that.

4. Congratulations for your latest achievements, How does it feel to be awarded with ELBIT/El-Op with a contract for the first batch of laser pointers to be installed on top of the hand held thermal viewers. Also tell your experience when you got recognized with a certification to AS9100?

Frankly to say, this award was given couple of years ago. We are recognized by the most of the Israeli Defence Industries, such as Rafael, I.A.I and Elbit/El-Op. Working with those giants drove us towards the Quality assurance level required for flying platforms which is the AS9100. We are probably among the first small companies of our size, that were awarded with this certification. So in one word: it feels good!

5. What is the place of innovation in a company as large as THERMAL BEACON? Where are your key markets and where would you see your main focus in the future?

This is a very complicated question, as we are active in two main fields of activity: One is the thermal signaling as an optical IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) The other is the high power lasers systems In each field we are driven by both the customer new requirements and the technological advantages that are available today and were not available only few years ago. As per an example, we are working today to reduce the size of our hand held thermal beacon MK-5, from 1.7 Kg down to 450 gr. without any effect on the operational performances.

6. THERMAL BEACON is growing fast across the globe, since its inception in the year 2003. How do you see things going forward in Asian region? What else is driving THERMAL BEACON’s growth?

The growth will be proportional to the understanding of the decision makers in the Armies, of the value of the human life. As Armies are about to co-operate in the same arena, devices of the kind we have to offer, will most probably be on a higher demand.

7. Everyone talks about effective customer service, ensuring Customer Delight. How do you ensure this at THERMAL BEACON?

Our approach is a very straight forward one: A high quality of the product that will assure a low number of faulty units. Quick repair of faulty units. Those who will tell you that they don’t have any faulty units, look very carefully on their statement

8. What makes you so different from your competitors in terms of developing these products? What was the last major project that you have won in designing thermal IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) emitters and high power visible and infrared laser illuminators and pointers?

First, it must be said that there are very few competitors to our Optical IFF systems. On the other hand, the requirements are very low, and this might be the reason for. Obviously I can’t name our clients, but the development of the new devise (described above) means that there are customers with high appreciation to human life.

9. What do you see as the single biggest challenge for the Defence Industry in 2013? What are some of the newer, exciting technologies or products that THERMAL BEACON is working on?

It must be said that not only for small companies as ours, but also for the giants as well, the year of 2013 and also and at least FY 2014, the main problem remains the Defence budgets

10. Defence-industries is a connecting point for buyers and suppliers across the global defence industry. Used daily as means of creating partnerships and as a point of reference by professionals within the defence industry, this comprehensive resource supplies the latest news releases, detailed information on industry projects, event information and careful segregation of products and services. What do you think about our website which promotes & brands defence industry today on such a wide scale?

I think it is a very nice web site, with a high level of activity. It still has to prove itself (at least to us) as a business creator.