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Mr. Louis Huijzen
About: Mr. Louis Huijzen - General Manager

Mr. Louis Huijzen started his career in the administration dept of Hogeschool Rotterdam. Then, he worked as a Specialist EFJ and SJR in CFI where he was responsible for the completion and publication of financial software for all subsidised education institutes of the Netherlands. He then held the position of service manager for KPN's new glass-fiber IP-products. He also worked for Dutch energy supplier Oxxio, partly as programme support and partly as a business analyst. Moving forward, Louis has worked on various projects through dutch and is currently the General Manager of TSS International.

1. TSS International is synonymous with 'vehicle security and mobility' owing to decades of precision defence manufacturing. How did the company evolve?

As you may know, TSS International is a family business. My father founded the company and has always had a link to vehicle mobility. He delivered the first runflat inserts in the 1980s. As a true entrepreneur, he always had a sharp eye for product innovations. Most of this was thanks to truly listening to customers. As a result, we try to complement our current portfolio constantly, resulting in our current product range which also includes heavy duty wheels and brake systems, fuel tanks and vehicle intercoms.

2. What does it take to be a key player in the defence sector under mounting pressures of the global markets?

Although high quality products are our core business, we depend on our service delivery. We keep our promises. The customer is not happy if he has a fantastic product, but we delivered it two weeks too late. To support our wish for strong service delivery, we are also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

3. The shrinking budgets on defence in developed nations, particularly Europe is causing unrest. How does this affect TSS business strategy?

We have to focus on being excellent. As we have high quality products, we are rarely the cheapest. Although we do have products for defence (used mainly by the Dutch Army and special units of Border Police), our main focus is the security market, providing mobility products for vehicles such as the Toyota LC200, Nissan Patrol Y62, Mercedes S and G class and many others.

4. How do you intend to set the company on growth trajectory with 'Armour Mobility' in the coming years?

Growth is not a specific goal. It may be a result of what we do, but that always has to be delivering excellent products and service, and to continue to have a sharp eye for innovations by listening to our customers.

5. Is there always a connection between breakthrough technologies and investment? What are the demands for pursuing innovative projects?

Our innovations have always been customer-driven, sometimes driven by a concrete customer request, sometimes because we see an opportunity before the customer does. However, an invention is just an idea if no one wants to buy it. It only becomes an innovation when there is a need for it. Of course, you cannot always get the jackpot when investing in new innovations.

6. What are the products manufactured by TSS that had an edge over its competitors?

Our runflats have been used by OEM’s since 1988. The only reason they keep coming back is because the quality is evident. Some of the runflats in our portfolio are so unique, that they have become the standard within several military organisations.

7. Have you acquired any commercial or market benefits as a consequence of your association with our Defence-Industries portal since 2012?

Defence Industries has global presence and offers tremendous services. And as a bonus, we are able to reach very interesting target groups. I am sure that this platform helps us communicate our message effectively at good value for money.