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Bengt Schill
About: Bengt Schill - Former Managing Director

Mr. Bengt Schill had completed his M.Sc Engineering Physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He worked as a Manager Development with Celciustech for about 5 years. Later, he moved on to the company Combinova, where he worked as a Consulting Engineer for a year. Currently, Schill is the CEO of the firm Schill Reglerteknik where he's been working for 34 years to date.

1. Would you begin with an introduction to Schill Reglerteknik AB and an overview of the company as it is now?

Schill Reglerteknik AB is a Swedish company, which develops, produces and markets advanced equipment for weapon control, especially with application to naval systems. Our product range includes systems for static and dynamic alignment, instruments for analysis of gyro and gun control signals, and cameras for directors/trackers. As an independent third party we also provide services in the same field e.g. alignment, investigation, analysis and evaluation of weapon systems. Customers include navies, shipyards, weapon system manufacturers and integrators in currently 20 countries.

2. What is the competitive landscape in the area of weapon alignment system and target tracking systems look like?

There is not much competition from independent companies/suppliers. However, quite a few navies have tried to develop solutions for their own needs by themselves, perhaps without realizing that alignment is a universal problem, which have already been effectively solved. Unfortunately, their results have not always become successful and some have switched to our solutions instead

3. What excites you most about Defence Sector? What brought you to your position in this company? What was it that intrigued you or enticed you?

The defence sector has always been in the frontline of technology and science. Today's requirements of cost-efficiency and responsible use of public spendings make the problem solving even more challenging. When we started the company in 1986, I saw that we would be able to offer tremendous benefits to our customers by introducing new technology instead of the traditionally used alignment methods, which were both costly and inaccurate. Basically, I guess that it is still the same incitement, which inspires me.

4.  Would you describe the scenario for the next 12 to 24 months and your strategy for success?

Except from a few countries with increasing defence budgets year after year, I think that the industry must adapt to an even tougher market. In my world a successful company during the next two years must provide cost-efficient solutions to the customer's demands; and that's what we do best

5.  What is the place of innovation in a company as large as Schill Reglerteknik AB? Where are your key markets and where would you see your main focus in the future?

Innovation is no doubt a key factor to success for us, and a basis for our goal to offer products with the highest customer satisfaction. As a supplier of highly specialized products and services with application to all types of ships and weapon systems, and with sales all over the world, we do not really have specific key markets.

6. Schill Reglerteknik AB is growing fast across the globe, since 20 years. How do you see things going forward in Asian region? What else is driving Schill Reglerteknik AB’s growth?

Many Asian countries are extremely progressive-friendly and continuously looking for new better alternatives and ways to improve. That's exactly the qualities, which go hand in hand with our philosophy and create an increasing demand for our products and services.

7. Do you have the balance sheet in place to accomplish your mergers and acquisitions and take you to your goals?

Yes, absolutely, but we believe that organic growth suits our company the best, at least for the time being.

8. What makes you so different from your competitors in terms of developing these products? What are your challenges? What do you worry about the most?

Our unique position of having both weapon control and sensor/measurement expertise enable us to supply products and services, which satisfy our customer's needs by using the best technology available. The biggest challenge is to make our prospective customers realize that their huge investments in ships and weapon systems are rather wasted without correct alignment. Business wise, I don't see any real threats at the moment but in a general sense the existing enormous arsenals of nuclear weapons and the proliferation of them never cease to worry me.

9. What do you see as the single biggest challenge for the Defence Industry in 2013? What are some of the newer, exciting technologies or products that Schill Reglerteknik AB is working on?

I think that the shift from specific defence solutions towards more general security dittos will continue and the biggest challenge will be to provide even more value for money in times of economic weakness in many countries. As an example, we are currently developing a new concept of high performance tracker cameras, both daylight and IR types, which we will be able to offer at a significantly lower price than comparable products.

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There has been a fantastic development of since it was first launched. Structure, layout, and contents are today of high class and we have noticed an increasing number of inquiries originating from this website