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Mr. Olav Kaarstein
About: Mr. Olav Kaarstein - President Director R&D of Nodin Aviation

Mr. Olav was the Managing Director of NY-TEK AS from 1983 to the present. Besides, he is also the Director R&D of Nodin Aviation AS from 1998 to present.

1. Defence Industry isknown to be a very unique and popular sector compared to other industries. What’s your view of the Defence market?

The defence market, especially within our sector MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation), is of great interest since this part of defence sector also often being used when needed in civilian catastrophes in addition to military medical preparedness.

2. Can you please outline the basic structure of NODIN Aviation AS, and about its expertise.

Nodin Aviation AS is a Norwegian innovative organisation working closely with clients, suppliers and customers all over the world to develop the best possible systems for transport and treatment of patients. The solutions shall be recognized by quality and enable multi role use of the vessels, vehicles and aircraft with very short reconfiguration time.

3. What excites you most about Defence Sector and what were the most important achievements for NODIN Aviation AS in Defence Sector?

The most exiting about the Defence Sector within our field is all the possibilities to improve products and processes for lenient medical transport and treatment to optimise the patient survivability. We try to live up to our slogan: YOUR NEEDS – OUR KNOWLEDGE – EQUALS INNOVATION Regarding the most important achievements for NODIN we have to mention the contract for the development and delivery of an Aeromedical Evacuation concept converting an ordinary in traffic passenger aircraft (Boeing 737) into a high capacity intensive care Aeromedical Evacuation Unit (AE-Unit) within a few hours. This contract was the beginning of a cooperation and partnership with Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group in UK. I also like to mention our Shock and Vibration Damped Stretcher Suspension System so far installed in 82 armoured field ambulances and in 29 high speed Combat Boats. The NODIN MEDEVAC stretch was developed as a consequence of the Aeromedical Evacuation concept. Since we could not find any field stretcher meeting the requirements for use in military and civilian aircrafts we decided to develop a stretcher meeting all NATO requirements as well as all requirements regards to aircrafts.

4. What do you think of all the talk about India as a manufacturing hub for Defence Industry today?

I haven’t heard so much of the talk about India, but I suppose in each country and region with respect for their defence industry should take the challenge and to aim for innovative high quality defence products and concepts.

5. How would you describe today's role of NODIN Aviation AS in the international market of CASEVAC/MEDEVAC (casualty evacuation / medical evacuation) units for military?

Based on the worldwide marked response it seems NODIN are able to make a difference when it comes to MEDEVAC throughout the whole MEDEVAC Chain, from “Point of Injury” all the way back to homeland hospital. Medical Evacuation products and solutions for use at Sea, Land and Air.

6. NODIN Aviation AS has grown fast across the globe in over the last few years. How do you see things going forward in Asian region? What else is driving NODIN Aviation ’s growth?

We have experienced more and more interesting request from the Asian region and we are prepared to do our outmost to meet the Asian expectations regards to all kind of MEDEVAC issues coming up. To strengthen our overall capability and capacity NODIN has partnered up with Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group (MADG) in UK ( and )

7. Everyone talks about effective customer service, ensuring Customer Delight. How do you ensure this at NODIN Aviation AS

We are focusing on building close relations to our customers and to involve them in the processes towards optimal solutions for their special needs, and also to create a foundation for a long term relation.

8. What makes you so different from your competitors in terms of developing these products? What would you consider the biggest challenges for your company in the future?

Our goal is to become the largest player in the development and delivery of equipment for the evacuation of wounded and injured people within NATO countries… and the rest of the world. NODIN products and services will contribute to increased survival for soldiers injured in combat actions and contribute to increased preparedness and capacity in the event of civil disasters. ”Care through innovation and dedication.” (CARE = Casualty Recovery)

9. What do you see as the single biggest challenge for the Defence Industry in 2013? What are some of the newer, exciting technologies or products that NODIN Aviation AS is working on?

The biggest challenge in 2013 I believe will be the influence to our customer regards to the overall world economy. In bad times we have to focus on development of new and revolutionary MEDEVAC solutions to be well prepared for the good times to come.

10. Defence-industries is a connecting point for buyers and suppliers across the global defence industry. Used daily as means of creating partnerships and as a point of reference by professionals within the defence industry, this comprehensive resource supplies the latest news releases, detailed information on industry projects, event information and careful segregation of products and services. What do you think about our website which promotes & brands defence industry today on such a wide scale?

We have been a customer of for several years and followed the growing process up to this day. We appreciate the excellent service and the proactive attitude shown, and I like to use this opportunity to thank you for all assistance throughout this years.