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Mr. Martin Rutschi
About: Mr. Martin Rutschi - Former Product Manager

Mr. Martin started his career in 1989 as a product manager in Ascom. He then worked as a technical project manager with the company Securiton. It was in 2004 when he started working with Brugg Kabel AG as a product/project manager. Currently, he is working with Solifos AG, Fiber Optic Systems as a product manager.

1. How did the Business Unit Fiber Optic Systems of Brugg Cables, engaged in production and pre-assembly of cables evolve to be a superior defence supplier of global recognition?

From the beginning we decided to create innovation that increases the customer value through improved quality, reliability, survivability and low lifetime cost.

2. What are the current and future projects of Fiber Optic Systems of the Brugg Cables?

To meet the increasing data bandwidth demand of the actual C4 systems and electronic applications, the armed forces of very large countries invest heavily in fiber-optic technology. Especially our deployable,  harsh environment tactical field cables, which are made for excellent survivability (e.g. the only cables that are really rodent proof), very big projects are announced to be realized where the unique characteristics of our products are required.

A growing demand we can see in the range of our unique FO-Cu-hybrid deployable tactical field cables, where the customer gets the opportunity to transport kilo watts of power and high speed data over fiber by laying just one thin and light weight field cable.  

3. What do you regard as the key-growth driver of the defence industry and how is it going to affect or challenge the company’s operations?

Regarding communication networks for joint operations within the armed force of the same country and in cooperation with armed forces of allied countries there are a lot of challenges to meet the requirements regarding bandwidth, reliability, survivability, safety of information, rapid deployment and easy transportability in the means of light weight, low volume. These demands are in our focus.  

4. What is your strategy for consistently meeting the customer demands globally?

We see that for our part a lot of countries invested quite a lot in fiber optic technology already, but there is still a big potential and further more within countries, that are forced to do the same soon, because of the reasons mentioned above.

5. How does the company maintain an aggressive sales growth while pipelining future products under your leadership?

To remain future proof, we constantly improve of our existing unique products and we enlarge the variety and functionality of the accessories for deployment and maintenance. We improve the offerings for customer training and of course we further create innovative products / solutions like the FO-Cu-hybrid-systems, where we also partner with systems integrators to optimize the benefit for the end customer.

6. Serving the military is a challenge in itself, what does it take Brugg Cable to cater to the diverse and dynamic needs?

We need to listen to the users to really understand their needs.  Therefore it is important to open the channels to the users to get valuable feedback. This is the key to constantly improve the existing solutions and to create the new ideas. Often it is a challenge to let end user express their needs correctly and to let them focus on the main topics, in order to fulfill the service at the end. Otherwise a jungle of standards and specs are creating a big mess, useless spec games are played and it is hard to find a solution, that really fits to the application of the user.

7. What are the other key products manufactured with fibre optic cables being the core product line?

First of all we need the correct connectors for military environment. There is a big variety of suppliers on the market. Anyway each product has to be verified in our test labs to approve specs and ensure proper assembling. Our innovative cables also need some adaptions at existing connectors, especially for the hybrid cables. Therefore it is essential to partner with capable connector manufacturers to jointly develop the suitable solutions. Our innovative solutions sometimes are even challenging our systems integrators. Therefore our engineering team is supporting them with solutions in the range of media converters, switches, power converters, UPS, air conditioning systems … to provide the correct interface to existing solutions. 

8. How do you think your efforts will establish a global footprint in Fiber Optic Systems of Brugg Cables products?

Our company is already present in many countries by sales representatives, systems integrators using our solutions. In some countries our own offices are representing our fiber optic systems. We are also ready to create local content at countries that are opening big projects to be realized manly inside their country.

9. How do you manage to handle client/customer relationship with many of them belonging to different geographic locations in a given time?

It is a must to have a local representation to allow the customer to speak in his own language and also to get instant and professional support within his country. At least a local support and capabilities to do replacement of defective material is the minimum of local presence. 

10. Why and how do you think will online B2B digital solutions facilitate business for buyers and suppliers in defence industry?

The online presence of course is very important indeed. A lot of B2B starts in the Internet or even more often a first personal contact will motivate to perform an online search. In the defence it is very important, to gain confidence between partners and to the end customers. Therefore there is no self-perpetuating with the online B2B in defence. There is always a strong need for personal contacts.