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The OWR FOGBOOSTER is the new generation of decontamination and disinfection fogging device. It is a lightweight cold fogger without any electrical or gasoline driven motors. By using compressed air combined with an especially designed nozzle, decontamination or disinfection fluid is microscopically atomized to form particles on a micro-scale basis to produce a highly effective dry mist or fog. A micro film is produced which covers all surfaces and gets in all the cracks and joints which detoxifies all common chemical warfare agents (CWA), by using OWR’s NATO approved decontamination agent GD-6 with the FOGBOOSTER.

GD-6 is NATO fielded: NSN 6850-12-377-2705.

OWR contains 15 years of experience in the field of fogging contaminants. They have proved fogging is particularly effective in enclosed confines such as vehicle interiors, containers, buildings and so on because of the low volumes of the decontaminant used and is uniform spread.

The military and civil defence use the thermal foggers as they are highly flexible and mobile and are very effective when large volumes of decontamination agent must be applies. But, the major disadvantage is they use gasoline motors which cannot be used in areas where there is a danger of explosion such as aircraft hangars and naval vessels.

The FOGBOOSTER uses compressed air and is suitable for use in these areas. It is a clean, quiet, light-weight and highly mobile unit which uses compressed air. It can be used with portable standard compressed air tanks or as stationary version using a compressor. It is robust and constructed of HD-PE and stainless steel. It can be used with multiple chemical and biological decontamination agents. The aerosol particles produced by the
FOGBOOSTER can fill the volume of a 20’ ISO container within 90 seconds.


  • Stainless steel nozzle (patented)
  • Chemical-resistant housing of HD-PE
  • 2-way valve to choose DRY or WETFOG mode
  • Weight 3.5 – 4 kg (Complete Case 10 kg)
  • Fine adjustment to flow regulation
  • Air connection with a stop valve
  • No electrical connection required
  • Manometer and fine adjustment to air flow
  • Fluid Throughput at 2,5 - 3,0 bar per hour:
  • approx. 1 l in DRYFOG mode
  • approx. 5 - 6 l in WETFOG mode
  • Air demand: 100 – 200 L / min eff.
  • Operation time (air tank 6 l / 300 bar)
  • Approx. 15 min. with 1 air tank approx. 30 min. with 2 air tanks

Scope of Supply

  • Air hose for backpack cylinders
  • Carrying strap
  • 2 canisters 500 ml GD-6 deacon agent
  • 1 testing/rinsing canister
  • 1 rugged PELI transport case


  • Backpack carrier
  • Air cylinders 6 l / 300 bars
  • Air compressor 200 l/ min
  • Compressor air hose
  • Air cylinder trolley 6 x 6 l / 300 bar
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