Special Purpose Containers

Special purpose containers such as command & staff containers, command & habitable containers, weapons containers, command & control centres, and storage & energy containers provide safe and sustainable working habitat for military personnel.

These pneumatic, hydraulic or electronic-operated spacious workspaces can have several modular rooms/division that serve various functions for personnel.

There are a wide range of special purpose containers and an even wider subrange of its command & control staff containers. As an example:

Command & Staff Container - KDS.ŁC-02


 Container Type  KDS.?C-02 / 20-feet Insulated Container
 Number of Staff  4 (including driver)
 Control System  Hydraulic, Semi-Automatic
 Purpose  Command & control
 Number of Compartments  2 – Technical & Utility
 Dead Weight  8,500 kg
 Gross Weight (with equipment)  12,000 kg
 Dimensions – Folded (l x w x h)  4.522 x 2.438 x 2.438 m
 Dimensions – Extended (l x w x h)  4.522 x 6.060 x 2.438 m
 Basic Loading Space (for Equipment Transport)  10.5 m²
 Total Floor Area (after Expanding)  25 m²
 Equipment Available  Air Conditioner, Ventilation & Air Filter, Power Supply System, Hydraulic System, & IT
 Total Time for Unloading & Expansion from Vehicle  50 min
 Total Time for Folding & Docking on Vehicle  55 min

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