Autonomous Handling Sets

Autonomous handling sets are a range of sturdy, automatic equipment for handling – unloading, loading or reloading – defense containers from its mobile station. This product range consists of sets of hydraulic supports that are operated via a system of sensors. The advantages of including automation are: ease of handling, expeditious unloading and docking, and minimal human effort.

ARMPOLE’s autonomous handling sets are designed to function as standalone systems in harsh, unmannable terrains where additional transport systems cannot be brought in. These systems are completely automated, meaning the crew needs to just lock & load to be mission-ready. The variants include: ZPH.15-02, ZPH.20-02, ZPH.20-A2, and ZPH.20-S2.

As an example: ZPH.15-02



 Product  ZPH.15-02
 Control  Automatic Hydraulic
 Purpose  Loading & Unloading & Handling
 Total Weight of Product  440 kg
 Permissible Total Load on Supports  8,000 kg
 Permissible Load on One Support  4,000 kg
 Total Unloading Time  Up to 10 min
 Time Taken to Fully Lift or Lower the Payload/Container  5 min
 Payload/Container Unloading Slope Angle  3o
 Permissible Container Length  15 ft & 20 ft
 Maximum Clearance Height after Lifting  1.8 m

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