ARMPOL Przedsiebiorstwo

ARMPOL Przedsiebiorstwo

Krubki-Gorki, 32, 05-326, Poswietne, POLAND

Filter & Ventilation Devices

Filter & Ventilation Devices

Filtering & ventilation equipment regulate airflow and ambient temperature of the transportable (military) container. It includes a series of portable air filtering and ventilation devices that keep the inside environment such as command & control and personnel stable.

Air filtering & ventilation devices also filter out pollutants, natural or manmade, which includes toxins and gases from Weapons of Mass Destruction. The company also supplies control equipment for these devices. Several variants depending on voltage and current ratings, size demands and other parameters are available and are catered to different demanding situations, on-field or in-battle.



 Product  UFP.B2.H1 – 200/500FW – D(230V~)
 Gross Weight  Up to 22 kg
 Dimensions  1450 x 720 x 910 mm
 Current Rating  230V~ ±10% (50Hz)
 Power Consumption  Up to 0.6 kW
 Filters  Compact FC-8/50 – 2 pcs (partial)
 HEPA FA14/80 – 2 pcs (thorough)
 Modes of  Operation

 a. Partial Filtration (HEPA): Radioactive Dusts, Biological Aerosols & Neutral Dust, Etc.

 b. Full Filtration (FPT Filter) – Warfare Vapours & Aerosols & Toxic; Industrial Substances

 Creates both Underpressure & Overpressure for Filtration from & to Container.

 Noise  < 70 dB

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