Rough Terrain Container Transport Set

ARMPOLE’s structural engineers also supplies and partly manufactures container transport sets for carrying the load across rough terrains. The company also produce container chassis, transport container box, van body, and single-axis trailer, truck (vehicle front body), which make up rest of the assembly. The rough terrain container transport set KZT.15-01 provides comprehensive systematic transport of military equipment in 15-feet metal boxes across any topography, on-field or in-battle.



 Product  KZT.15-01
 Modernized From  Refurbished STAR 266 (6x6)
 Purpose  Transport
 Components  Sub-Container Frame (RPK.15-01)
 Container Transport Box (KST.15-01)
 Off-Road Single Axle Trailer (PTJ.04-01)
 Specialty  Cross-Customizable by Combining other Variants to Build Command Post, Body Workshop, Etc.
 Dead Weight  9,400 kg
 Permissible Gross Weight  6,100 kg
 Dimensions (l x w x h)  11.4 x 2.5 x 3.45 m
 Permissible Speed  Up to 100 km/hr

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