airforce / countermeasures electronic warfare and decoys

Air Force countermeasure systems refer to any defensive or offensive action taken to counter or offset another action. Countermeasure systems are divided into active and passive systems.

Active countermeasures alter the electromagnetic and acoustic signatures (radars, IR, Sonar, etc.) of an incoming target, or destroy its payload/warhead. Incoming threats such as guided missiles, ballistic missiles, military crafts, heat seaking missiles, etc. can be countered using this technique.

Passive techniques involve camouflage, armour and other techniques.

Electronic warfare and decoys are also a part of countermeasures used for eliminating or countering bigger threats. Electronic warfare involves using or manipulating the electromagnetic spectrum to control the enemy’s attack or impede assaults. A decoy can be any missile or small aircraft used as a diversion for the enemy’s offense. A few examples of electronic warfare are laser warning systems, electromagnetic armour, generic bio detectors, etc.

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