Portishead, Bristol, BS20 7JB, UK


Biral designs and manufactures a range of instruments for the detection of airborne biological particles. These have been primarily for the detection and characterization of biological weapons and Biral detection equipment has been included in every generation of bio detector in service with the UK armed forces. Our latest real time detection system, VeroTect™, is now being used or assessed by armies and domestic security services world-wide.

Biral has a considerable history of developing prototype systems at the cutting edge of technology and was awarded the UK MoD’s PIBBDT contract for the Portable Integrated Battle space Biological Detection Technology technical demonstrator (a fully self-contained, specific biological warfare agent detector).

Specific Bio Detector

Biral has won the PIBBDT (Portable Integrated Battlespace Biological Detection Technology) project to develop a small, highly automated Specific Bio Detector demonstrator. Biral leads the consortium selected by the UK MoD to develop a new Specific Bio Detector that will represent a quantum step in the technology available to the military. The current system is highly effective but requires a specialized vehicle, a dedicated supply chain and a skilled military crew to run it. The objective for the Specific Bio Detector is that it should be easily transportable with small non-specialist vehicles and should require only occasional attendance by maintenance crews for very simple procedures. The cutting-edge technology will be based partly on research carried out at Dstl, Porton Down and partly on independent research carried out by members of the consortium. The use of novel micro-engineering techniques together with Specific Bio Detectors based on optical microchips will enable a very compact system to be built. Advanced systems engineering techniques will be employed to ensure that the instrument operates as a fully integrated unit with very high reliability.

Stand-off Detection Systems

The ability to detect the presence of biological clouds at distance provides clear advantages in terms of advance warning of the threat and therefore greater safety afforded to personnel. Considerable research effort has been and is being devoted to the development of fieldable UV LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) Stand-off Detection Systems. Biral's investment in Stand-off Detection Systems includes active participation as members of the International Project Working Groups SG80 SG85 in the NATO stand-off detection initiative, a study to establish the best means of achieving an early in service LIDAR capability. In support of Stand-off Detection Systems Biral is collaborating with other European organizations who are experts in military laser development. Biral also participated in the 2 year EU funded PASR (Preparatory Action for Security Research) BODE (Biological Optical Detection Experiment) project to develop and characterise a short range LIDAR suitable for civil defence applications. Biral delivered the optical receiver and associated detection electronics for integration into the complete system.