Electromagnetic Armor

BAE Systems is the pioneer to test an Electromagnetic Armor (EMA) package integrated onto hybrid-electric drive combat vehicle demonstrator. Electromagnetic armor package with integrated hybrid-electric drive system is the result of cooperative R&D agreement between U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the Army's TARDEC. Multi-hit capability with low weight is illustrated in the successful testing of live-fire electromagnetic armor package on hybrid-electric vehicle demonstrator. Electromagnetic armor provides protection similar to reactive packages. The sustainability of vehicle systems is enhanced by Electromagnetic armor package. The layered approach of electromagnetic armor is for increased soldier protection. Electromagnetic armor uses electricity to bring down shaped charge warheads like Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs). The Electromagnetic armor package has also defeated a shaped-charge threat during live-fire testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Delivery of Electromagnetic armor at lower volumes and weights for Pulse Forming Networks (PFNs) allows a system level integration.

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