Kibbutz Palmach Zova, M.P Harei Yehuda 9087000, Israel.


OSG is a world leader in glass fabrication. We develop and supply glass for transportation, defense and security, and for a broad range of special applications. We are experts in all areas of glass design and processing. We also offer heated glass, switchable smart glass and glass-embedding of cutting-edge technologies including screens and NFC chips.

OSG is a leading glass fabricator with a 40 year legacy of excellence. Serving customers worldwide, we have two large production facilities in the USA and two in Israel, and a global network of offices. We are proud to have over 400 dedicated employees.

OSG’s three divisions design and deliver pioneering glass-based solutions for transportation, defense and security, and special applications.

Our expertise covers curved and special bends, glass compositions and a full line of ballistic products. We deliver complete glazing systems, including frames, gaskets and emergency egress windows. We also create customized solutions and special applications for industries ranging from architecture to solar.

OSG also offers advanced metal fabrication of all types of metal frames (including armored steel) for armored vehicles, and aluminum frames for trains and transit vehicles. In glass and metal, we design and deliver total solutions from inception to finished product.