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Ultra Light Transparent Armor technology(Ceralite)

Ultra Light Transparent Armor technology(Ceralite)

Ultra Light Transparent Armor technology(Ceralite) is OSG’s newest ultra-light solution developed in co-operation with CeramTec of Germany to defeat ballistic threats defined by NATO Standardization (STANAG), US Army-TACOM (Armor/ Transparent Purchase Description) ATPD-2352 and other recognized global protection standards.

CERALITE transparent armor is Lighter and Thinner when compared to “conventional” transparent armor solutions at defined protection levels. CERALITE achieves greater than 50 % reduction both in weight and thickness when compared to traditional glass/polycarbonate solutions


Weight ReductionCeraLite offers 40 to 60 percent reduction in weight (areal density) of the transparent armor, with similar reduction of thickness. Reduced weight and thickness of the transparent armor also allows similar (up to 40%) reductions in volume and therefore weight of framing materials, further contributing to overall reduction of gross vehicle weight. Weight reduction provides multiple benefits:

  • Enhanced vehicle performance

  • Increased payload capacity

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Reduced wear of drivetrain & suspension

  • components, contributing to longer vehicle life.

Together, these improvements enhance overall vehicle performance and lifecycle.

Elimination of B kit

Due to the light weight of CeraLite, the vehicle can be designed with a single transparent solution which meets all protection requirements, eliminating the need for a B-kit. This innovation provides multiple and significant benefits over conventional designs that require a B-kit.

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