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Ultralight ballistic windows for helicopters

Ultralight ballistic windows for helicopters

When it comes to saving lives and protecting critical systems, OSG’s lightweight transparent armor delivers battle-proven protection.

The Threat: Helicopters are exposed to ground-based weapons and sniper fire ranging from small arms to heavy machine guns. This puts crew and cargo in harm’s way.

The Challenge: To provide ballistic protection for helicopter transparencies while maintaining low weight, customization for platform and mission, aerodynamic performance and high visibility for pilot situational awareness.

OSG’s Chin Window Solution: CERALITE add-on ballistic chin window kit

•Protects crew, critical systems and cargo against ground-based weapons and sniper fire while enhancing visibility.

•Boosts pilot performance with an added level of protection and a clear view for enhanced situational awareness.


  • Ultra lightweight protection, with a 40-60% reduction in weight compared to traditional transparent armor solutions

  • Add-on flexible design adaptable to any helicopter or light aircraft

  • Protection against all levels of ballistic threats

  • High-performance increased multi-hit capability

  • Increased pilot visibility

  • Tested for ballistic performance, environmental resistance and fire-smoke- toxicity (FST)

  • Compact and cost-effective

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