ASE Optics

ASE Optics

C. Jordi Girona 1-3., Barcelona,SPAIN. Zip code: 08034

AboutASE Optics

We design and develop custom optoelectronic and opt mechanical systems, precision optics and prototypes.

ASE Optics Europe provides optical engineering support for companies and research facilities who cannot find, cannot afford, or cannot justify having an optical engineer on staff.


Experienced personnel

Software: optical design and mechanical design software

Equipment: opt mechanical tools, laser sources, electronic and measurement and test equipment.

Facilities: laboratory and prototype area, equipped with mechanics fabrication tools and aditional equipment.

Research & Development area

Research and development is at the core of ASE Optics Europe’s activities. We foster innovation through the innovative solutions we deliver to our clients by always bringing together the members of staff with the most relevant experience to any given project as well as allowing members of staff to develop their own ideas.

Rochester Precision Optics Representative

ASE Optics Europe is the official representative of Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) in Spain and Portugal. RPO is headquartered in Rochester, NY (USA) and provides engineering services and large volume manufacturing capabilities that include: Component Fabrication, Precision Plastic and Glass Molding, Thin Film Coating, Lens Assembly, and Final Assembly and Test.

Quality Commitment

ASE Optics Europe Quality System complies with all clauses (no exclusions) of ISO 9001:2008 and is designed to ensure that delivered product conforms to the specified requirements, to achieve continual improvement of the QMS, and to ensure that required information and other resources are available as needed.

Our company is also ISO Certified 2017