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CMOS Night Observation Device

CMOS Night Observation Device

CMOS Night Observation Device is a high definition sight that enables its operator to see in the day (bright sun) as well as low light (night) with high contrast and high resolution — two functions in one device, at a fraction of the cost of similar systems currently on the market.

The CNOD is neither an Image Intensified nor a Thermal System; it is a Digital System. As a digital system (without intensifier tubes), CNOD allows operating in environments where there are constant changes in brightness situations: urban environments, special operations, entry into buildings… thanks to the quality of its sensor, the operator does not lose the quality of the image at any time. In addition, CNOD allows you to take pictures and capture video in standard formats.

It can be deployed in three ways:

  • as a hand held monocular

  • as a clip-on in line weapon sight

  • as a stand-alone weapon sight.

CNOD NII – Near Infrared Illuminator

CNOD NII is a light emission source designed to operate in conjuction with the CNOD platform. This new accessory allows the operator to sight a target at 1000 meters in zero light conditions, as claerly as daylight.

CNOD NII operates at 980nm within the band of the CNOD’s 500-1080nm spectrum, the operator remains undetectable to most counter-operative night vision technologies.

Currently there is no Image Intensification Night Vision Sight or Thermal Sight on the market that can perform all these functions. Proven Technology. Trusted Experience.

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