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LV grenade launcher - GSBO-40

LV grenade launcher - GSBO-40

LV grenade launcher (GSBO-40) is modern, manually operated, single-shot weapon that can be used for fighting manpower, fire positions and light armoured vehicles, destroying structural targets, generating smoke screen, light the nearby area etc depending on type of ammunition fired.

40mm grenade launchers come with a kit consisting of:

Cartridge belt
Tool set enabling grenade launcher operation and maintenance
Individual set of spare parts

It is made up of the prime components such as barrel module, firing device module, mounting gear module, mechanical sight module, and folding stock module. Barrel module is included with grooved barrel and housing, firing module is included with sear mechanism, safety mechanism, and lock mechanism. There  is  a  possibility  of  configuration  both  for  left  and  right  handed.

On the other hand, the launcher can be modified into an under barrel version (GPBO-40).  The launcher’s barrel can be tilted to the side to enable the use of different than standard ammunition (bigger length).

Technical Specifications:

Type 40 mm LV grenade launcher GSBO-40, single shot LV
 Type of Ammunition  40x46mm LV
 Length with stock inserted/extended [mm]  498/564
 Width [mm]  70
 Size with sight inserted/extended [mm]  209/317
 Length of the sight [mm]  125
 Barrel length [mm]  250
 Number of grooves in the barrel [pc]  6 pitch 1200mm
 Weight with a grip [g]  ~ 2356 [weight of sight: 150]
 Rate of fire [pc/min]  5 ÷ 7
 Muzzle velocity depending of the round [m/s]  82 [round NGO-N1]
 Range with radius 36° [m]  430

LV grenade launcher (GSBO-40) Characteristics:

  • Modular built
  • Patented technical solutions
  • Used by Polish Army
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