Digital Elevation Models

As a geospatial company which owns and operates both optical (SPOT/Pleiades) and SAR (TerraSAR-X) satellites, plus a variety of survey aircraft we are able to collect data on both global and localised scales.

For high resolution height databases we offer photogrammetric derived off-the-shelf DTM data plus an extensive database of LIDAR derived building elevation models over urban areas, some of which is augmented with 5cms resolution oblique imagery.

For regional and global height databases, we offer 20m resolution (+/- 10m LE90) stereo optical satellite DEMs: Reference 3D. This geo-referenced elevation database equivalent to DTED Level 2 covers in excess of 18 million sq km and is a foundation layer for any application requiring high accuracy, homogenous elevation data.

We are also at the forefront of developing next generation global height databases, which will be derived from the dual TanDEM-X mission. Over a three year mission from 2011 it will collect 150 million sq km using dual SAR sensors. It will create a DEM at 12m resolution with +/- 2m vertical resolution (LE90) equating to DTED3 increasing to DTED Level 4 locally with augmentation.

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