TanDEM-X Satellite Mission

Astrium is able to supply satellite imagery from all commercial imaging systems including WorldView, Quickbird, GeoEye, IKONOS, SPOT, IRS, EROS, Kompsat, FORMOSAT, RapidEye, Landsat plus Radarsat, ERS, ENVISAT, TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed for synthetic aperture radar applications.

With such wide access, Astrium can provide clients with high quality, multi-resolution merged orthoimagery databases, digital height models which support our cartographic map production services.

We are a major supplier to the international MGCP program with the capacity and expertise to service VMAP2 and Urban VMAP requirements in VPF, GML and ESRI geodatabase formats plus flow lines for bespoke large map scale production with complex attribution and integration into embedded military devices and systems such as simulation, tactical radios, avionics, missile guidance, dismounted situational awareness and many more.

Other Products

Digital Elevation Models

Visual Simulation and Synthetic Environments

3D Urban modeling tools

Global Surveillance Service

Data Hosting, Archiving and Serving