Global Surveillance Service

Astrium provides a range of operational services for clients based on imagery analysis and imagery management providing increased productivity for our clients, such as:

Strategic Site Monitoring – a secure web based service designed to increase strategic national intelligence output whilst retaining fully confidentiality. Users define target Areas of Interest against which alerts will be sent if any new imagery from the combined constellation of SPOT, KOMPSAT, FORMOSAT and TerraSAR-X satellites detects any changes. Users can opt to receive the imagery or an annotated analysis report.

AssetMonitor – aimed at protecting critical infrastructure in the marine environment, this service uses coastal AIS to track ship movement over and around undersea cables. Using geo-fencing via a standard web browser, AssetMonitor automatically issues alerts by email or SMS if vessels stray within the protection zone and/or exhibit unusual behavior.  Able to differentiate between trusted and non-registered or non-compliant vessels, operators via a Network Operations Centre, it notifies vessels to avoid possible damage to infrastructure from drag fishing.

Other Products

TanDEM-X Satellite Mission

Digital Elevation Models

Visual Simulation and Synthetic Environments

3D Urban modeling tools

Data Hosting, Archiving and Serving