Lomah target system

Lomah acoustic systems

The LOMAH SASS-4/9 is a calibration free acoustic scoring system. The scoring algorithm depends on precise measurement of the Mach cone time of arrival in 4 pressure transducers. It is capable of scoring all supersonic caliber sizes. The use of a scoring system will increase the throughput and make the validation of the gunners efficient and cost effective. One basic SASS unit comprises of one Beam Sensor Unit (BSU-4/9), one Target Processor Unit (TPU-2), a set of cables, and the Visual Display Unit (VDU-1). The Beam Sensor Unit BSU-4/9 is placed below and in front of the target. The Target Processor Unit TPU-2 is connected via a cable to the BSU-4/9.

The VDU-1 is connected to the TPU-2 via a cable. The VDU-1 and TPU-2 are supplied from 12 VDC or can, as an option, be supplied from 110/230 VAC. The firing result is presented on a Visual Display Unit (VDU-1) placed close to the gunner. Several target figures are available such as half- and full-size soldier figures, or a ten ring standard target. The firing result, i.e., salvo center, standard deviation, tabulated rounds, points etc., are presented on the VDU-1. Lane/Target and target (TPU-2) status are also presented. The firing result can be printed as well. A sun protection hood covers the VDU-1 TFT display. Up to 10 ea. lanes each containing several SASS units can be connected to a Range Office Presentation Unit (ROPU) for presentation of the firing result.

The ROPU is an excellent tool to monitor all targets at the shooting range, and has an accuracy of +/- 10 mm at a distance of around 1,200 m. It uses several sensors to accomplish its task. Areas of application: firing range and combat soldier training SASS-4/9; Tank Target Scoring System (TTSS-4/9); all types of static & moving targets including pop-up targets; aircraft firing against ground targets ATG.

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