Scoring station VDU-12

Visual Display Unit

The Visual Display Unit VDU-12 is a computerized scoring station for collection, calculation and presentation of real time firing results obtained from the universal 12-sector Miss Distance Indicators. The VDU-12 scoring station is easily hand carried, and therefore very suitable for regular training. As an option the VDU-12 can handle scoring data from up to six targets simultaneously.

The VDU-12 scoring station presents scoring results, i.e. the miss distance and sector/angular position of each round on a 12,1” touch TFT/LED color display. Salvo center, mean miss distance, and number of rounds of each firing are all part of the presentation. The firing result is also presented in a tabulated form. The complete scoring result can be printed on a USB printer supplied by Air Target. The VDU-12 is operated via big size touch screen buttons, i.e. all settings and commands are done via these buttons for easy operation in jumpy conditions. The VDU-12 has a built in test station to be used when adjusting the microphone/sensor sensitivity and to check the MDI function by means of the Portable Bang Unit PBU.

The VDU-12 is operated from 10-36 V DC. An external AC/DC power supply is part of the VDU-12. The scoring results are compensated for target speed and altitude as well as firing situation angles, to give the real miss distance.  The data needed for this can be entered  manually or be included in ten different preprogrammed  mission profiles, from which one quickly is selected in Program mode prior to firing. The computer memory also contains ballistic and calibration data for the most common calibers. The VDU-12 software is based on Windows 7.

Scoring softwarefor all firing situations are available, i.e. for Ground/Surface to Air, (GTA/STA), Air to Air (ATA), Surface to Surface (STS), Ground to Ground (GTG) etc. All data recorded during a mission will be stored in the computer memory, i.e. in its data base.  Thedata for a specific firing situation can after the mission be recalculated with later received parameters for a more accurate firing result. The VDU-12 scoring station can also be remotely operated via a network from an external PC. The VDU-12 has ruggedized aluminum cast IP-65 housing. The connectors are located on the rear connector panel.

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