Zarges GmbH

Zarges GmbH

PO Box 1630, D-82360 Weilheim, Germany

AboutZarges GmbH

ZARGES' manufacturing plant is certified to comply with ISO9001. ZARGES offers complete packaging solutions, from customized foam fittings right through to painting.

ZARGES GmbH has 65 years of experience designing and manufacturing reusable aluminium alloy cases, boxes, 19in enclosures and custom-designed containers for packaging, storage and transportation.

The products meet stringent military standards set by NATO. Products are listed with NATO Supply Nos. They are used by all NATO Allied Forces. ZARGES' product range includes Aluminium Cases, Containers, 19" Rackmount Housings, Transport Cases.

ZARGES products also meet all relevant international specifications: MIL-Standards, VG-Standards, DIN EN ISO-Standards, ATA-Specs and UN-Hazardous Goods Regulations.

Consequently, for a number of years now, ZARGES has ranked as one of the most important suppliers to the military engineering industry.

Customers include a major proportion of the leading companies in this sector as well as prominent military and humanitarian institutions who especially value the company's extensive experience in the military field and the wide range of corresponding products that it is able to offer.