Transport Cases

ZARGES offers a superior range of transport cases to its clients. ZARGES transport cases are tried and tested transportation equipment, packaging and practical storage unit rolled into one. Some models in transport cases are also suitable for use on conveyor belts or roller conveyors.

  • Mitraset® 19” enclosures for rack-mountable electronic equipment.
  • Are designed to accommodate electronic devices in a 19” rack. They also protect equipment against general environmental effects.
  • BY-containers, universal alloy containers.
  • The range for the Federal Defence Forces and also in use in many other countries
  • K 470 general purpose aluminium cases.
  • A save and convenient method of packaging. At the same time it provides a modular system of storage units and protective packaging.
  • K473 Heavy Duty, very appropriate for higher payloads, e.g. heavy machines or equipment. It is an enlargement to the extensive range of the K 470 programm.
  • The K 473 is a rugged alternative and protects the equipment also in complicated transport and environmental circumstances.
  • K 475 watertight IP67 containers, for sensitive equipment.
  • Hood-type containers for heavy-weight equipment.
  • Alloy cases and boxes for packaging, storage and transportation of military equipment.
  • Cases and containers for explosives, missiles and ammunition.
  • UN approved packaging for hazardous goods.

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