Walog Training Development

Walog Training Development

16 The Loop Street, Unit 3, Lynnwood, RSA 0081

AboutWalog Training Development

Walog specialises inIntegrated Logistic Engineering (ILS) field for more than two decades, in the defence and commercial market.  We apply our skills during the acquisition of new systems or products, in the design and development of a logistic support system, using the integrated logistic support principles.  We design for support and then support the design.

The emphasis is not only on the reliability and maintainability of the prime mission system or equipment to execute mission capability (‘Design for Support’), but also on human factors engineering along the cost-effective responsiveness and relevance of the support system and infrastructure (‘Support the Design’).

Personnel and training is one of the most significant support elements in this value chain and plays a pivotal role in the safe operating and support of such systems or product. Hence the reason that we also specialize in the scientific development processes of training development with the adult learner in mind.

The purpose of the training development programme, is to ensure, by means of a systematic approach, that the Defence receives an effective training system to train their own personnel. The training programme must be able to convey the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, in the most effective way, which in turn will give rise to a safe operating environment. This will also ensure that the product or system is utilized, as designed for, with the necessary support throughout its life cycle.

The development of the training development programme rest heavily on the process of content generation, and that is why the generation of training manuals and technical manuals are an integral part of the logistic engineering process.