Walog Training Development

Walog Training Development

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Training Development Process

Training Development Process

The main focus of the business is to develop bespoke training and technical manuals for any system or equipment in the operator and maintenance environment.We interface with the ILS Team from start to end.

Training Development

Walog use a scientific accountable process to design training packages. We experiment in instructional design and in the development process to improve military instructional design learning experience and efficiency.

We are not stagnant in our instructional design ideas and solutions. Our Project Managers and Senior Instructional Designers can deliver customized training packages and Instructional Training for your organization/system or products.

Technical Manuals

Technical data encompasses a variety of information pertinent to manufactured equipment and originates as engineering design data, which dictates defence instructional techniques and the development of supporting logistical data that determines the appropriate technical instructions for the specific equipment. These army technical manual development process supports the development of training materials for operators and technicians who will be responsible with the operation and maintenance of that equipment.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals (new, revised, changed).

Workshop Repair Manuals (WRM).

Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPCs).

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