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Cutting-edge technology

product_designerState-of-the-art computer software and a fully equipped AMCA certified lab allow COOK engineers to stretch the limits to create increasingly efficient and higher quality air moving equipment. The very latest three-dimensional parametric solid modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software has permitted our engineers to be innovative during development.

Originally used for aircraft design, measuring air flow and stress points, our engineers are first in the industry to adapt the sophisticated software to fan design. The ultra-efficient X.STREAM Propeller Wall Fan is the very first of a new generation of our products utilizing this exciting technology.

As a service to customers, COOK designs and distributes its own selection and product analysis software. Download design tools now.

Advanced testing labs

air_labOur fully computerized AMCA Certified test lab insures that performance data is accurate and reliable. Our air performance testing facility is designed to exceed the requirements of ANSI/AMCA 210-99 and ANSI/ASHRAE 51-1999 for figure 12 and 15 test setups. With a flow range from 0 to 100,000 cfm and pressure capabilities exceeding the Class III operating range, this facility is highly representative of LOREN COOK COMPANY's significant and continued investment in state-of-the-art fan expertise.

While computer models reduce prototypes and allow quicker evaluation of designs, they will never replace physical testing. Our research and development center also includes capabilities for endurance testing of units including start-stop tests, overspeed tests and elevated temperature testing. Detailed sound and vibration analysis equipment also allows our engineering department to assure quiet, smooth running designs.

Purchased components are also subjected to our rigorous testing. Engineering approval is required before any component - from nuts and bolts to motors and bearings - can be used on a COOK product. Electrical components must also pass stringent Underwriters Laboratories (UL) testing procedures. By being a member of UL's Client Test Data Program, these tests can be performed on-site allowing quick response to new designs and enhancements.

High quality assembly

A close inspection of COOK products, as contrasted with competitors, will reveal use of the finest component parts and heavier material gauges. For example, COOK's continuously welded seams out perform conventional locking seams found in other products within our industry.

COOK's factory standard Lorenized Fan Finish clearly displays the quality of our products. This baked-on, powder-coat epoxy provides the most durable and corrosive-resistant finish in the industry.

Next day manufacturing

COOK 24hr Express is the first and still the most successful custom assembly / next day shipping service in the industry. This includes more than 850 items, with your choice of horsepowers, voltages and speeds. You specify accessories, motor, drives, RPM, CFM, etc. Units are then custom built, test run and shipped the next working day.