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Q5 Processor

Q5 Processor

Q5 Processor

The Q5 processor card offers the following key features:

  • Almost 5 years of proven performance in orbit

  • Xilinx Vertex II Pro (with integral PowerPC 405 core)

  • Memory: 32 or 64 Mbytes SDRAM, 16Mbytes of Flash

  • Power: typ. 1.1W @ 3.3V

The following Q5 board stack configurations are available:


The Embedded Deployment Module (EDM) is a Q5 daughterboard that provides power, an SD card socket, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, as well as analog and digital I/O, all in a PC/104 form factor. It measures 96 x 90 x 26 mm, has a mass of 78 g (94 g when combined with a Q5) and dissipates an average of 1.4 W (2.5 W including the Q5).


The Q5-NET-DDK board stack includes a Q5 and two daughterboards: the Q5-Net card and the Q5 Development Daughterboard Kit (DDK). The DDK is the ideal host platform for prototyping Q5-based software and logic applications; it provides power and easy access to Q5 digital and analog I/O lines and serial interfaces via screw-terminal blocks and DB9 connectors. The Q5-Net card provides 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, USB, and SD Card storage for rapid software development.

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