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Tilt Rotor Actuation

Tilt Rotor Actuation

Woodward is the leader in the design and development of specialized control systems for tilt rotor aircraft applications. Using much of the technology developed for Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft flight control and hydraulic components, Woodward is a major supplier on the two tilt rotor platforms flying today, the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey and the Bell-Agusta BA-609.

V-22 actuation components include:

• Primary and Back-up Hydraulic Power Drive Units used to control the position of the pylon conversion actuators (PCAs)

• Rotor Positioning Unit (RPU) used for correct indexing of rotor blades prior to blade fold

• Fuel Probe Control Valve used to deploy and retract the in-flight refueling probe

All the V-22 components operate at 5,000 psi hydraulic system pressure.

On the BA-609, Woodward provides the complete pylon conversion system (PCS) including a pair of PCAs and position-synchronizing torque tubes that run across the upper wing. The PCAs (BA-609) are telescoping ballscrew actuators driven through a gearbox by an Electrohydraulic Servovalve-controlled hydraulic motor.

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