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MOV’IT Heavy-Duty security brake systems

MOV’IT Heavy-Duty security brake systems

MOV'IT Security Brake System: ventilated and drilled discs, steel calipers

The added weight of an vehicle’s protection has its effects on the original brakes. To make sure your vehicle can safely stop, more than once, heavy duty brake upgrades are required.

MOV’IT Heavy Duty Security Brakes deliver the most consistent and best performance with:

  • High grade steel calipers
  • Larger and thicker rotors and security braking pads for more friction surface and heat dissipation
  • Braided, stainless steel brake lines with security brake systems
  • Better balance for the added weight and higher centre of gravity

MOV’IT Heavy-Duty security brake systems for armoured vehicles are now exclusively available at TSS International.

MOV'IT Heavy-Duty Security Brake Systems

Armoured vehicles are designed with the greatest care, and one priority: protecting the people inside it! However, this protection comes with a side-effect: extreme weight. To be able to safely stop the vehicle, requires an extreme brake system: MOV'IT Security Brakes


MOV'IT Security Calipers are made of an extremely stiff steel compound, designed to give the lowest deflection for the most constant pressure output and highest braking force. The pistons are arranged to distribute the friction heat evenly, optimizing the brake pad wear. The open pad setting assures the maximum natural cooling, and easy access for servicing.

Friction Rings

The special compound of the friction rings assures superior thermal conductivity, which is supported by superior venting. The Double Directional Evolving design makes sure the friction rings are able to disperse their heat quickly and efficiently. Fading is reduced to a minimum, braking power remains at its maximum.

Braking Pads

MOV'IT Security Braking Pads do not need to heat up to function. The friction surface is enhanced for an even heat distribution and a longer lifetime

Brake Lines

MOV'IT Security Brake Lines give a quicker and firmer pedal response. The braided stainless steel reinforcement assure constant and firm system pressure. MOV'IT Security brake lines are tested at pressures up to 290 bar.

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