Rodgard Runflat Systems

A vehicle’s traction and control is greatly determined by its tyres. Normally, when a tyre is punctured, traction and control are rapidly reduced, because the tyre is no longer held in place and will eventually remove itself from the wheel. Rodgard Runflat Systems make sure the tyre remains in place and keeps contact between the vehicle and the road, providing full control over the vehicle, even with more than one flat tyre.

Rodgard Runflat Systems are available in different configurations, with flat tyre mobility ranging from 15 to 80 km at speeds suitable to get to a safe location. Rodgard Runflat systems are available for standard 1-piece rims ranging in size from 13 to 22.5 inch in diameter. Rodgard Runflat Systems comply to Finable Standards

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