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Uncooled Thermal Camera

Uncooled Thermal Camera

The uncooled thermal technology is used frequently for mid-range applications as the units are more compact with smaller lenses compared to the cooled cameras. Some of the benefits offered by the uncooled thermal technology are -

  • There's no need for annual servicing
  • Overall lower lifetime cost
  • Often in a compact housing

Apart from this, a wide range of uncooled thermal lens options are offered by Silent Sentinel such as -

  • Fixed and a zoom lens
  • Up to 225mm
  • In a range of compact and larger housings.

DRS infrared's highly sensitive, uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector is utilized by Silent Sentinels uncooled thermal cameras cores. The detector uses patented absorber technology to capture infrared energy in the 8-14 micrometer long-wave infrared (LWIR) spectrum. The high-performance Tamarisk camera module is enhanced with pixel saturation logic, market-leading dynamic range, pixel saturation logic, 24-bit RGB color video, and a powerful Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE™).

The uncooled long range thermal camera is used in frequent applications in -

  • Portable Surveillance - Recommended products for portable surveillance are- Aeron Scout, Osiris Ranger, and Oculus Scout. The solutions available for portable surveillance include - Gyro Stabilizer, Counter UAV, and Image Fusion.
  • Public Open Spaces - Recommended products for public open spaces are- Aeron Ranger, Oculus Ranger LR, and Oculus Scout. The solutions available for public open spaces include - Facial recognition, HD/IP, and 4K ultra-low light.
  • Oil and Gas - Recommended products for oil and gas are- Aeron Ranger, Oculus Ranger LR. The solutions available for oil and gas include - Radiometric technology, Cooled thermal, and 4K camera.

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