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Cooled Thermal Camera

Cooled Thermal Camera

Due to its ability to see very long distances across land and seam as well as being able to adjust with atmospheric variations, the cooled thermal cameras are used frequently in Homeland Security and Defense applications. A wide range of uncooled thermal lens options offered by Silent Sentinel is :

  • Fixed and a zoom lens
  • Up to 960mm
  • In a range of larger and compact housings

A perfect application for thermal imaging technology is the long range surveillance in total darkness or low light conditions. This type of surveillance is often needed at borders or for large perimeters where most threats occur at night. A modern cooled thermal imaging camera possesses an imaging sensor integrated with a cryocooler, which reduces the sensor temperature to cryogenic temperatures. This reduction in the temperature of the sensor is essential to reduce thermally-induced noise to a level below that of the signal, from the scene being imaged.

The cooled thermal imaging camera is the most sensitive type of camera to small differences in scene temperature. The smallest of the temperature differences between objects can be detected. Generally, compared to other infrared bands, the images from mid-wave infrared cameras pointed at night time scenes show quite vivid contrast. The cooled thermal cameras can also be designed to work in the longwave infrared or LWIR band.

When partnered with the Jaegar/Osiris PT platforms, Silent Sentinel's cooled thermal cameras are designed to produce high-resolution image and generate the perfect options for thermal surveillance. Some of the benefits of cooled thermal cameras are it can detect small targets at extreme ranges, suitable for long range applications, and are long life coolers. Available in two variants i.e. RHT and HT cameras. The RHT models are designed to attach to the Jaegar and Osiris PT platforms and these are provided with a rapid release mechanism that offers both cable management and means all models are interchangeable. Unlike the RHT, the HT models are designed to be standalone or can be fixed to other manufacturer's HT platforms.

The long range cooled thermal cameras are used in frequent applications in -

  • Maritime Security - Safety at sea is important with ports and harbors being incredibly busy. And that's the reason why surveillance platforms and SWIR cameras are provided by Silent Sentinel for short and long range, day and night and also for improved visibility. Recommended products for maritime security are - Jaegar Searcher, Aeron Scout, Osiris Ranger, and Osiris Searcher. The solutions available for maritime security include - SWIR Technology, Gyro Stabilizer, and 4K camera.
  • Border Security - The company offers cameras in operation across the world protecting borders as it's of utmost importance for a country's security. Recommended products for border security are - Jaegar Searcher, Aeron Searcher, Jaegar Ranger, and Osiris Searcher. The solutions available for border security include - Cooled Thermal, Illuminator, and Image Fusion.
  • Homeland Security - The long range thermal camera platforms with camera lens options up to 960mm is the company's specialty. You can meet your Homeland Security Specification, with low levels of repeatability and high levels of accuracy. Recommended products for border security are - Jaegar Searcher, Aeron Ranger, Jaegar Ranger, and Osiris Ranger. The solutions for homeland security include - Image Fusion, Gyro Stabiliser, and SWIR Technology.

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