Signature Management

Magnetic Signature Management

Once a vessel is delivered and approved at the first magnetic ranging it needs to come back regularly to the range and fine tune its Magnetic signature. If not, the signature will deteriorate and be a hazard for the vessel and its crew, in case it enters lethal waters. In addition to this the MCMV activities will have to be longer as larger margins are needed, which result in delaying the Navy’s operational activities. That is also the reason for all vessels in a Navy to have well-conditioned on-board Degaussing systems that is continuously in operation.

Polyamp can provide multisensory measurement system based on the sensor platform UMISS©MkII that can be used to build an Open Sea fixed measurement range. Then the ships acoustic, magnetic, electric, pressure signatures can be measured and managed. The SWECADE software package integrates magnetic coil design with prediction, measurement and analyse with new degaussing value settings that are made very fast. All measured signatures are stored and supports the use of a structured documentation and reporting system. The SWECADE can handle the design and analyse of both non-magnetic and steel hull vessels.

The UMISS MkII can be configured as a transportable measurement system, with different methods to transfer data between the sensors and the operator. Double encrypted WLAN, underwater Ethernet and optical fibre cable solutions all available and proven. For use with a single UMISS MkII where SWECADE is not optimal a versatile alternative data acquisition system and analysing software is available.

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